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Why is all that?


According to the European statistical data on traffic accidents, it has been noted that heavy goods vehicles are very dangerous in road traffic due to their dimensions and their rather low speed.

Illustration: A vehicle in broad daylight, at night without any plates and markers, and at night with dimension plates and contour markers

Therefore the international community has radically increased the norm for the minimum quantity of luminous intensity, in order to enable better visibility of such hazardous vehicles driving in front, especially under difficult road conditions.

Furthermore, the international community has been elaborating additional programs to increase road safety for heavy goods vehicles, trailers, buses and coaches, vans, etc. This includes the elaboration of contour marking pursuant to the norm ECE R 104. Our company has been homologated as the only manufacturer of such markers in Croatia.


A study of the German Federal Ministry of Transport has proved that the contour markers attached to vehicles decrease the number of crashes and collisions from behind by 41 percent and from the side by 37 percent

IMPORTANT: All products made by GRAFEX-trade are labelled and marked pursuant to the Standardization Act (Official Gazette No. 96/03 of July 10, 2003, Sections 17 and 18).

All our products are marked with EAN bar codes, owned by GRAFEX-trade according to the certificate of EAN International/UCC.
Reflective products have an additional guarantee of the company