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General information on reflective materials


Reflective materials are specially designed materials that cast back a certain quantity of light from their surface, in accordance with their design and technical specifications.

In everyday life, the reflection of light enables us to "see" the things around us.

In traffic, particularly under the conditions of reduced visibility, it is necessary to make the vehicles better visible, which is achieved by the use of reflective materials.

Traffic signs in cities are made of material with the luminous intensity of 70 candelas (Cd)*.

On motorways and highways, traffic signs are made of material whose luminous intensity is 250 - 600 Cd*.

Pursuant to the Croatian norm of ECE R 70.01, the dimension plates are made with the luminous intensity of 800 Cd*.

* What is the candela (Cd)? The candela is a unit of luminous intensity, defined as the quantity of light cast back from a certain surface.


  • Traffic signs in the city: luminous intensity 70 Cd
  • Traffic signs outside the city: luminous intensity 250 Cd
  • The plate in accordance with the norm 70.00: luminous intensity 250 Cd

  • The plate in accordance with the norm 70.01: luminous intensity 800 Cd
    Homologation sign:


  • Reflective marker for contour marking; luminous intensity 550-800 Cd
  • Reflective marker for distinguishing marking; luminous intensity 150 - 450 Cd


IMPORTANT: All products made by GRAFEX-trade are labelled and marked pursuant to the Standardization Act (Official Gazette No. 96/03 of July 10, 2003, Sections 17 and 18).

All our products are marked with EAN bar codes, owned by GRAFEX-trade according to the certificate of EAN International/UCC.
Reflective products have an additional guarantee of the company