Product Catalogue / Motor Vehicle Signalization
Description of dimension plates and technical specifications

Dimension plates for heavy goods vehicles, dimensions 565 x 140 mm. Homologation number
E26 RF 01001.

Dimension plates for long motor vehicles, dimensions 565 x 200 mm. Homologation number
E26 RF 01001.

Dimension plates for slow vehicles
Homologation sign E26 69 R 00001.

Technical specifications:

Dimension plates for the CROATIAN MARKET (and a part of the European market)

  • Norm ECE R 70.01
  • Homologation sign E26 RF 01001
  • Luminous intensity: 800 Cd

Dimension plates for export

  • Norm ECE R 70.00
  • Homologation sign E26 RF 00002
  • Luminous intensity: 250 Cd

Dimension plates for slow vehicles

  • Norm ECE R 69.00
  • Homologation sign E26 69 R 00001
  • to be fixed on the rear part of a vehicle, in pairs; on narrower vehicles (utilities etc.) only one plate is attached

All dimension plates are manufactured in cooperation with the world-famous company 3M, which guarantees the highest standards of quality of our products.

Guarantee certificates for photometric and colourimetric properties of dimension plates - 18 months as of the date of sale.

Renewal of reflective surfaces.


IMPORTANT: All products made by GRAFEX-trade are labelled and marked pursuant to the Standardization Act (Official Gazette No. 96/03 of July 10, 2003, Sections 17 and 18).

All our products are marked with EAN bar codes, owned by GRAFEX-trade according to the certificate of EAN International/UCC.
Reflective products have an additional guarantee of the company