Product Catalogue / Motor Vehicle Signalization
How can you recognize a proper plate and what each plate must have?


The dimension plate attached to the vehicle must be free from physical damages. Each of them must be provided with a homologation sign in accordance with the Rules ECE R 70.01.
The correct sign is:

the first two digits in the five-digit string
must be "01"


Plates for slow vehicles are homologated pursuant to the Rules ECE R 69.00.
The correct sign is:

  • The reflective foil must be free from damages, as well as its aluminium pad, and of bright yellow and red colour, which must not be faded or bleached.
  • The red fluorescent colour must be bright and contain the homologation sign.
  • The yellow retroreflective part of the plate must be in bright yellow colour, with retroreflective lines of 10 mm width in horizontal direction.
  • There must be a homologation sign with the manufacturer's name, E26 RF 01001, whereas the first two digits indicate the norm accepted in the Republic of Croatia pursuant to the regulations, ensure excellent visibility and confirm functionality of the product.
  • Each plate has:
    • Manufacturer's declaration with the following information:
      • product code
      • product name
      • declaration of homologation rules
      • manufacturer's company name
      • EAN code
    • Guarantee certificate and after-sales service
    • Maintenance instructions
    • After-sales service for renewals of damage RF surfaces
    • Indication of the place where a plate is to be attached
    • Homologation sign and number.

  • Plates are packed in pairs and wrapped in PVC foil.
  • Dimension plates pursuant to ECE R 70.01 have a luminous intensity of 800 Cd.

IMPORTANT: All products made by GRAFEX-trade are labelled and marked pursuant to the Standardization Act (Official Gazette No. 96/03 of July 10, 2003, Sections 17 and 18).

All our products are marked with EAN bar codes, owned by GRAFEX-trade according to the certificate of EAN International/UCC.
Reflective products have an additional guarantee of the company