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GRAFEX-trade is a limited liability company, whose principal activities include graphic services, production and trade. It has grown out of a family company established in 1978.

The principal activities of GRAFEX-trade are GRAPHIC PRODUCTION and other business services. In this part of our production program the major products include STICKERS and LABELS in various materials: PVC, paper, acetates, reflective materials, metal, glass, etc. - and particularly in fluorescent colours.

With our own technology our company also deals with textile processing and printing. This part of our production program includes a group of products called FLAGS - in silk, paper, PVC, textile, etc. This group also comprises textile bags, dish cloths, aprons, table cloths, etc.

MATS in various forms and sizes make up a very important group of products. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing technology, design and quality, these products sell very well on both local and international markets.

Another important segment is the group of OFFICE SUPPLIES. Apart from standard items, most of the products are made to order. This group includes office cards, writing pads, file folders, communication records, Seneken writing pads, memo notes, etc.

BOARD AND PARTY GAMES is a small program of famous and widely accepted games. Further extension of this program is planned in accordance with market and our clients' demands.

GRAFEX-trade has also developed its own production of MAGNETIC ITEMS and MOUSE PADS. Publicity and promotional BANNERS are also offered, as well as desktop coatings etc.

With our own technology and expertise and in cooperation with a number of business partners, our production has been continuously expanded to various specialized groups of products.


The dominant group of products in which we have attained to the highest European and world standards in terms of quality and standardization are the traffic signs known as VEHICLE SIGNALIZATION and CAR STICKERS.

With our long-standing activities in this field we have managed to achieve an important position in Europe with a part of the production program adapted to the international norms of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, in accordance with all the amendments and the following Rules:

  • ECE R 70.01
  • ECE R 70.00
  • ECE R 69.00
  • ECE R 104.00

Top-class design and development of Web sites.

IMPORTANT: All products made by GRAFEX-trade are labelled and marked pursuant to the Standardization Act (Official Gazette No. 96/03 of July 10, 2003, Sections 17 and 18).

All our products are marked with EAN bar codes, owned by GRAFEX-trade according to the certificate of EAN International/UCC.
Reflective products have an additional guarantee of the company